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School-job Alternation

Regarding the School-job Alternation Orienta effects a series of projects to promote the approach of the young people in the world of the job, among which: 

-"Il lavoro che cambia spiegato ai giovani": a tour in the italian schools that involved more than 1.000 students of 15-18 years old to give them the opportunity to meet HRs Manager, the representatives of the world of the job and the institutions. The main point of reflection during the meeting are taken from the book "Nove mosse per il futuro" written by Giuseppe Biazzo, CEO of Orienta.
-Workshop on the search of the job: the Orienta experts of the selection meet the students, furnishing them the useful tools to search a job thought the support in the editing of the cv and simulation of interviews.
-MYourJob: the innovative website to guide the young people in the choose of the right path to reach their career goals in the future. Among the services it contains webinar, news english courses.
-Internship: within Orienta's branches in Lazio Region.