The Orienta Group


“We believe that excellence can be achieved only by establishing a partnership with the customer based on a thorough understanding of its needs and desires.”

We work every day to offer our customers a unique and personalized relationship: customer focus, quality of service, human resources development and technological innovation are the core values ​​that guide our actions towards the development of the business.

The Orienta Group was founded in 1999 with the acquisition by Orienta Spa Employment Agency of Direct Action Srl, whose name was then changed to Orienta Direct, currently a business services company.

In November 2013, in order to obtain a continuous and constant growth, Orienta acquired the business branch of AltroLavoro, an employment agency which had been operating on a national level since 2004.

In 2015 the Orienta Group founds the society Orienta Polska that operates in the polish job market, through branches in Breslavia, Katowice and Warsaw, offering services as recruitment and temporary job.

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Business Branches

Orienta Formazione

Orienta Academy meets the different learning needs of the job market.

Orienta Direct

Orienta Direct is specialized in the outsourcing management of business services.

Orienta MyOurJob

MyOurJob helps you finding your future job!

Orienta Polska

Orienta Polska operates in the Polish job market through services as recruiment and temporary employment.