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The Permanent division was created with the aim of selecting with the utmost care human resources for companies that need to recruit staff directly.

Orienta Permanent employs professionals with years of experience in the analysis of demand, evaluation and selection of personnel.


Each Orienta professional is distinguished by:

  • The ability to master the interview
  • The use of innovative recruitment sources and social networks
  • The ability to dialogue in an authoritative way with the business contacts
  • The continuing training
  • The passion, aptitude, motivation and professionalism in carrying out your work

The tools used are among the most reliable and well-established for assessing the personality, aptitudes and motivations of candidates; the procedures adopted reflect the criteria of transparency and professionalism that have always distinguished the services offered by Orienta Spa.

Orienta permanent has also devised an Integrated Personnel Selection System (SISP), which through a multiplicity of tools and a precise design of procedures, analyzes at 360° aspects of the personality and professionalism of the candidate.


The SISP' phases:

  • Analysis of the question;
  • Job posting and recruitment;
  • Screening and pre-selection;
  • Individual interviews;
  • Evaluation of professional aptitudes and competences;
  • Reporting to the customer.


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