The Permanent Division was founded with the aim of carefully selecting human resources for companies that need to recruit them directly.

Orienta Permanent can rely on its professional staff who have a long experience in the application, evaluation and selection of staff.

Each Orienta expert is characterized by:

  • The ability to handle the interview

  • The use of innovative sources about recruitment and social networks

  • The ability to dialogue authoritatively with the company representatives

  • A steady education

  • The passion, attitude, motivation and professionalism in carrying out their work

The methods used are amongst the most reliable and consolidated for the assessment of personality, attitudes and motivation of the candidates; the procedures adopted reflect the standard of transparency and professionalism which has always distinguished the services offered by Orienta spa.

Orienta Permanent has also designed an Integrated Personnel Selection System (SISP), which through a variety of instruments and specific processes, analyzes all-around aspects of the personality and professionalism of the candidate.

The SISP steps:

  • Analysis of the application

  • Job posting and recruiting

  • Screening and pre-selection

  • Individual interviews

  • Evaluation of the attitudes and professional skills

  • Reporting to the customer

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