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Social Inclusion and Gender Equality


Gender Equality - UNI PdR 125-2022


Gender Equality plays a key role in the human capital strategy of Orienta S.p.A., allowing us to reach an excellent performance based on talent and social sustainability.

We believe that, for a more balanced and heterogeneous leadership, both sexes' contributions must be equally evaluated during decision-making processes inside the organization. For this reason, through a diversified approach towards Human Resources, we give value to people and their differences, ensuring the same professional growth possibilities for all the individuals in the company.

The present policy is for all Orienta S.p.A. employees and it is shared with all our main stakeholders, suppliers and clients with the aim of providing a bigger impact on their value network and being a point of reference for other business entities.


Orienta policy of social inclusion and gender equality - UNI PdR 125-2022