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Guaranteeing that which is stipulated by the Legislative Decree n. 231 of 2001 (with subsequent amendments), Orienta created its Code of Ethics, the contents of which are founded on the values of the company.

The Code of Ethics explicitly outlines, in a structured and operational way, the introduction of administrative/criminal liability regarding individuals in cases where employees or senior management commit a crime. Through the preparation of the code of ethics, Orienta wishes to avoid any involvement in the creation of any illegal conduct. Its observance is of fundamental importance for the reliability, efficiency and good reputation that Orienta has built, piece by piece, in more than ten years of activity on the domestic market.

All activities in Orienta must be performed in observance of the law, with honesty, integrity, in good faith and in accordance with the rights of third parties, employees, shareholders, business partners and anyone who is involved in the activities of the Company.

All those who work in Orienta, without distinction or exception, are committed to observing and enforcing these standards as part of their duties and responsibilities.