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Orienta Benefit Corporation

Entrepreneurship has changed. The new keyword is now: SUSTAINABILITY.

“Our entrepreneurship has changed, and Orienta goals now also include the welfare of the community - says Giuseppe Biazzo, CEO of Orienta - We are particularly proud of being the first Italian Job Agency that made such an important step".

With its transformation into a “Benefit Corporation”, Orienta commits to pursuing economic goals together with social, environmental and territorial objectives.

There are many activities in which Orienta applies its mission:

  • we organized specific education and temporary work courses for immigrant refugees and asylum seekers, thanks to which 119 of them managed to find a job in Italy. This led Orienta to obtain the prestigious acknowledgment by UNHCR.
  • we partner up with AID (Associazione Italiana Dislessia), an organization that introduced to our company a new selection process that does not disadvantage people with a Specific Learning Disability.
  • we constantly work to strengthen women's empowerment, as with the project called STEAMiamoci that promotes gender diversity in STEM positions (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
  • we build and supply education courses dedicated to job inclusiveness for disadvantaged workers:
    • in partnership with AIPD, we provide waiter courses for people with Down syndrome
    • in partnership with Unindustria, we run active job research for prisoners that are about to leave Rebibbia jail

For Orienta this is the beginning of a project that involves many activities aimed at achieving a common benefit:

  • promotion of a conscious and sustainable way of running a business, also through debates and collaborative dialogues with all stakeholders;
  • organization and distribution of cultural content through innovative techniques of approach in an inclusive environment;
  • positive impact on the education industry to guide young people towards digital learning and, thanks to this, create virtuous action paths that can be shared with the community;
  • promotion and diffusion of social models in the education system and innovation of learning tools 
  • collaboration and synergy with non-profit organizations and foundations whose aim is aligned with Orienta, to contribute to the development of inclusive social dynamics through the organization of events and projects;
  • development of Sviluppo di playful, artistic. cultural and didactic products for students and categories with specific needs;
  • promotion and implementation of projects directly developed by disadvantaged categories for a shared social growth.