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Why was Orienta Digital created?

The Orienta Digital division was born to promote talents and support the technological market, thanks to a team of experts ready to answer the growing needs for ICT profiles.

The goal

Orienta Digital aims to select the best young talents and, through external key partnerships, create specific training courses that can teach all the necessary skills. All our training are shaped according to the context and the complexity of the business, with a specific focus on the client's needs. 


The path

Step 1

Free training that follows the Make and Learn methodology​.

Step 2

Skills assessment​.

Step 3

Hiring proposal to candidates​.

The target

Orienta Digital talks to brilliant recently-graduated people in scientific subjects (informatics, maths, physics, engineering and similar).

We are looking for talents showing a strong passion and attitude towards Information Technology and who are ready to attend certified training that can teach them the basic skills to start working as junior profiles.

To ensure high-efficiency of our proposal and a strong engagement from talents, we built a specific training process:


Orienta Digital selection strategies




(Strategy that uses traditional assessment tools for recruiting)

  • Objective and standardized evaluations that reduce selection errors​
  • Made-to-measure tests according to the context and the business's needs​
  • An increasing sense of belonging and a higher acknowledgement of company's values​
  • Better engagement towards the company's challenges​



(Strategy that is comlpletely digital and​ interactive)

  • Digital, innovative, tailored and interactive Employer Branding
  • Measurable results​
  • Highly-appreciated format by new generations​
  • Better results in traditional activities like Career Days​

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