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Useful tips to support a job interview


The individual job interview is the central and determining phase of the selection of the staff; through it the company proposes to know the candidate in order to evaluate the motivations, the preparation, e le personality and personal aptitudes according to any insertions and decide whether it corresponds to the profile sought.

This is the moment when you face a CV and a letter of introduction and for this reason the candidate should show:

  • A genuine interest in the position offered;
  • Friendliness;
  • Skills and strengths proving to be a good candidate


Some advice for you:
  • Punctuality is the first rule, it is advisable to arrive at the appointment always a few minutes in advance;
  • Remember the name of the breeder;
  • To take care of the appearance presenting with a suitable and well-groomed clothing;
  • Remember to turn your phone off;
  • Try to be safe and serene both in verbal communication and in non-verbal communication (gestures, movements);
  • Do not lie and avoid artificial attitudes;
  • Avoid speaking ill of former colleagues or bosses;
  • Ask for information about the location that is offered or about some business aspect of interest.


Get ready for:
  • Define a list of questions you want to ask to the sorter;
  • Inform about the company and its activities;
  • Prepare the material to be taken to the interview: curriculum, publications and research;
  • Identify the location of the interview or make a visit a few days before;
  • Prepare for any questions from the selector: tell me about yourself, what are your professional goals? , How long have you been looking for work? What is your ideal job? , Which books do you read? , What hobbies do you have? , summarize briefly your curriculum, how did you choose your course of study? , Why didn’t you finish college? , Why are you looking for another job? , What do you think of this job? , Why did you apply? What do you know about our company? Why should we hire you, what do you think you have more than the other candidates?