Through the activation of channels in favour of the meeting between offer/demand of specialized work in the mobility field, Orienta Truck is an efficient answer to the need for qualified personnel for road transport companies.

The service offers business flexibility and the best solutions regarding staff placement. To show its commitment to the mobility field, Orienta has been a partner since day one of the project called Campus Truck, created in 2014, whose aim is to identify and create a new profession: the Truck Innovation Manager. This figure is able to help companies to rationalize the internal organizational processes and the development of innovative projects, aimed at improving the competitiveness of the enterprise.

Thanks to this project, the Truck Business School was set up, a training course aimed at developing skills for the management of a road transport enterprise.

This training course is aimed at both the staff working in the company (employees, management, contractors) and young people with potential, who are looking for professional experience in the transport field.

Advantages for customers are:

  • Complete management of temporary staff, processing of payrolls, communications to public authorities (INAIL, INPS ) of monthly and annual obligations

  • Rapidity in the search and selection of specialized personnel

  • Real flexibility of the work force, resulting in low business costs.

Orienta Truck also took part in some important events dedicated to the transport field. More specifically at the Truck Emotion in Monza (2014 and 2015 editions) and the Traspotech in Verona (2015 edition).

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