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Diritto Mirato

Diritto Mirato is the CCNL's new Active Policy funded by Forma.Temp, with which you can access free training courses and encourage your reintegration in the job market.



The actions funded within this program are built to let you learn basic and specific skills strictly related to professional profiles.

Diritto Mirato's goal is to help you gain knowledge and skills from a lifelong learning perspective, to increase your expendability and reintegration into the labor market.


Diritto Mirato by Forma.Temp is open to

  • Former temporary workers with 45 days of unemployment and at least 110 working days in the last 12 months;
  • Former workers at the end of the MOL Procedure (Mancanza di Opportunità di Lavoro).

Those who meet the above requirements can take advantage of Diritto Mirato within 68 days from the maturation of the requirement and only once in a calendar year.



With Diritto Mirato you can attend many courses and specialize in several fields:

  • accounting
  • administration and finance
  • marketing
  • hospitality

And more. If you want to learn more about our complete training offer, please click here.

Moreover, you can customize each course according to your skills, background and needs. Ask for advice to our training department to learn more about how you can create your own path.

Each participant will be given an allowance of €3,50/hour and, at the end of the course, an attendance certificate.



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