Hospitality & Food

To find excellent candidates for hospitality and food department we have the solution for your need and budget: Our hr experts know how to recruit with the maximum care and efficiency, all the professionalisms of the sector, among which:

Personnel employee in the Food & Beverage: Employed cafeteria, Waiters, Sommelier, Maitre of room, Laborers, Dj, Bar staff, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Commis, Head departed, Dishwasher, Catering Staff, Pizzaioli;

Employed at the airport: Employed to the check-in, Flight attendants, Trade assistant, Storekeepers, Employed to the port, Front line operator, Airport Operations Officer, Baggage Handlers, Airport Supervisor;

Professionalism of the tourism: Food&Beverage Manager, Receptionist, Cleaners, Spa assistant, Hotel attendants, Congierce staff, Housekeeper, Hotel Manager, Sales and marketing directs.

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Business Branches

Orienta Formazione

Orienta Academy meets the different learning needs of the job market.

Orienta Direct

Orienta Direct is specialized in the outsourcing management of business services.

Orienta MyOurJob

MyOurJob helps you finding your future job!

Orienta Polska

Orienta Polska operates in the Polish job market through services as recruiment and temporary employment.