Healhtcare & Wellness

The Healthcare & Wellness Division, specialises in the search, selection, training and administration of healthcare staff, and is able to offer effective and simple solutions for public and private companies.

The Healthcare division provides speed and thoroughness of service through:

  • An accurate search and selection of staff

  • An assessment of professional skills and personal characteristics necessary for the job.

  • Workplace orientation assistance

Customer focus and highly qualified service create a winning combination for an optimal staff management.


The H&W division boasts long experience in the search and selection of both administrative and technical healthcare personnel.

For hospitals, long-term care centers, nursing homes, medical and diagnostic centers, the experts from the Health Division provide medical specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, biomedical laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, social and medical healthcare assistants, basic care assistants and administrative staff.

Particular attention is paid to the assessment of professional skills and personal characteristics necessary to fulfill the position as required by the client providing at the same time assistance to ensure their smooth orientation into the workplace.

The Healthcare & Wellness Division provides two dedicated consultants:

  • For contractual and organizational matters

  • For the professional aspects, the monitoring of the ongoing work relationship and the resolution of critical issues.

Pharmaceutical Sector

The providing of pharmacy workers will give you qualified personnel capable of adding value to your business without weighing on the fixed costs of business management.

Pharmacists, salesclerks, skincare consultants, promoters, physiotherapists, laboratory workers, and storekeepers are just some of the roles that can be employed for:

  • Substitutions (eg. maternity, illness, injury)

  • Temporary peak periods

  • Introduction of new professional positions

Further advantages:

  • Search and selection of "Tailor made" staff

  • The initial contract may be extended several times without any interruption

  • The invoices do not weigh on the Pharmacy’s staff costs budget and can be managed as ordinary service invoices

  • The costs of personnel management (hiring, communication with organizations, payroll processing, illness and injury management) are included in the hourly price.


Work administration in Medical and Well-being centers:

  • Orienta recruits itself the staff

  • Workers respond operationally to clients requirements

  • The salary is as specified in the reference contract: every hour worked is billed at the end of the month according to the agreed hourly price.

This service can be used without fixed costs or charges for:

  • Substitutions (e.g., maternity leave, sickness, accidents)

  • Peak periods (e.g. seasonal trends)

  • The introduction of new professionals roles (e.g., testing for the development of new market opportunities).

  • Orienta provides the following professional experts:

    • Beauticians

    • Physiotherapists

    • Nurses

    • Massagers

    • Administrative staff

    • Sales representatives / promoters

    • Front desk staff / receptionists

    • Specialists in: Diagnostics, Radio Frequency, Pressure Therapy, Pulsed Light Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, Oxygen therapy, electrostimulation, electroporation, Electro depilation, Ultrasound Stimulation, BF Laser Therapy, etc.

    • Medical specialists (such as dermatologists, dieticians, etc.).


Business Branches

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