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Healhtcare & Wellness


The Healthcare & Wellness Division, specialized in the research, selection, training and administration personnel, is able to offer highly effective solutions for public and private companies.

The Health Department provides speed and completeness of service through:

  • Careful staff search and selection
  • An assessment of professional competences and personal characteristics necessary for the exercise of the profession
  • Social and environmental assistance

Customer orientation and highly qualified service create an optimal combination for successful personnel management.



The H&W division has many years of experience in the research and selection of both administrative and technical personnel in the health sector.

For hospitals, nursing homes, medical and diagnostic centres, the Division’s experts provide specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, biomedical laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, social health and care workers, basic assistants and administrative staff.

Particular attention is paid to the assessment of professional skills and personal characteristics necessary for the position requested by the client, while also ensuring socio-environmental assistance.

The Health Division guarantees two dedicated consultants:

  • For contractual and organisational aspects
  • For professional aspects, monitoring of the existing relationship and resolving critical issues

Pharmaceutical Sector

The administration of Work in Pharmacy allows to have qualified personnel when necessary without burdening the fixed costs of business management.

Pharmacists, clerks, consultants in dermocosmesis, promoters, physiotherapists laboratory workers, warehousemen are some of the figures that can be employed for:

  • Replacements (e.g. maternity, sickness, accidents)
  • Temporary peaks of work
  • Introduction of new professional figures



  • Personnel selection and search service “tailor made”
  • Possibility to extend the initial contract several times without any interruption
  • Invoices are not included in the Pharmacy’s budget and can be handled as normal service invoices
  • The hourly price includes the costs of administrative management of staff (recruitment, communication to institutions, payment processing, sickness and accident management)



Administration of work in the Medical and Wellness Centres:

  • Direct recruitment of staff by Orienta
  • Workers respond operationally to customer requirements
  • The payment method is the same as indicated in the reference contract: for each hour worked the hourly rate is charged at the end of the month


This service can be used, without any fixed costs or charges for:

  • Replacements (e.g.: maternity, sickness, accidents)
  • Temporary peak work (e.g.: seasonal)
  • Integration of new professionals (e.g.: testing for the development of new market opportunities)


Orienta provides the following professional specialists:

  • Beauticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurses
  • Masseurs
  • Administrative staff
  • Employees in sales/promoters
  • Staff at the reception/receptionist
  • Specialists in: Diagnostics, Radio Frequency, Pressotherapy, Pulsed Light, Vacuum Effect, Oxygen Therapy, Electrostimulation, Electroporation, Electro-pilation, Ultrasonic Stimulation, Laser Therapy B.F., etc.
  • Medical specialists (e.g. dermatologists, dieticians, etc.)


Orienta guarantees two dedicated consultants:

  • For contractual and organisational aspects
  • For professional aspects, monitoring of the existing relationship and resolution of critical issues


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