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Protected Categories


According to the new Legislative Decree. 81 of 15/06/2015, regarding the recruitment of workers belonging to protected categories (l. 68/99), the company is allowed to comply to the compulsory quota by hiring through employment agencies.

The company has the opportunity to evaluate the potential candidate with a starting contract of at least 12 months. When it expires, the resource can be hired directly or he/she can benefit from a further period of labour supply taking advantages of administrative management.

If he/she satisfies the requirements it is now possible to choose the candidate directly, in fact, with the entry into force of the decree the choice of the candidate no longer takes place with a numerical call, but now with a name call.

Orienta has a database created specifically for the protected categories and, through the analysis of business requirements, it offers a motivational and professional selection that can find the best resource suited to the company’s needs.