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HR Consulting


Orienta Consulting has many years of experience in the HR field and offers businesses consulting solutions to improve personnel management and facilitate change processes and organizational development.

Professionals with experience in the field of human resources and organizational development implement the action, which is designed with the customer.

The methodological approach is characterized by a steady coaching in order to customize the training thus obtaining the desired results.


  • The organisational check-up in order to evaluate the state of corporate health and the growth prospects
  • The H.R. organizational analysis in order to highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Process mapping in terms of responsibilities and activities related to each other, so as to bring out any inefficiencies
  • Remunerative and contractual survey in terms of defining the mix of wages (fixed and variable) and the rules for individual salary increases, taking into account the company’s goals and development
  • Evaluation system that is based on a thorough knowledge of human resources so that they can play the organizational role that best suits their skills
  • Corporate training plan that includes all the customer's needs and also focuses the critical areas of action in order to be able to schedule and plan activities (courses, job training, coaching)
  • Organizational development and management change that include the involvement of the entire organization in order to increase its efficiency and stability
  • Individual Coaching and Team Coaching with the object of improving both job performance and workers quality of life, by learning specific techniques and creating a work environment where you can experience the well-being.